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Johnny Bingo: Tunes


(Johnny Bingo)
* JB- Vocals, Bass. Guitars, Keyboards & Drums

* Trish Anderson - Vocals

* Michael Brehm. Tim Robillard, Tom Spain - Background Vocals*


Oh What A View From Where I Sat Knew She Was One Of The Special Few

Lookin-Glarring-Staring At This Picture So Rare To Find Out WHAT IS UP WITH THAT

Out In Front, Curved All Over Oh What A Sight To See

God Heard The Wish ,One I Requested That’s US Built and She’s Well-Vested

I Want To Know ….WHAT’S UP WITH THAT ?

Such A Clean Illustration Bout The Whole Situation, My Body Started Sweatin, Shakin Smellin Like Some Fryin Bacon (Some Food For Thought…)

Her Struttin Down The Street Was Makin Me Skinny

But I Was Getting Hungry With The Shake In That Mini My Dinner, No Time To Chat!

Knowin That I’m Really Gonna Dig This Jam Cause Jelly Don’t Move Like That!

Oh What A Great Time We Had That Day, Hoped It Answered My Question, Hoped It Wouldn’t Go Away

Drove Over To Her Palace, LaCasa , Residence

I Tried To Call Her Lately But She Didn’t Like The Phone Greatly

(Can’t Do Much) When We’re Apart

Need To Get Together For The Special Thing

I’ll Give You A Ride In My Ford Escort

A Drivin Lesson From GRAND MASTER BING