1. IT'S OVER

From the recording IT'S OVER

*Bingo - Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards & Percussion* * Brian Fitzpatrick - Guitars * Mitch Fournier - Sax * David Masher - Keyboards * Rich Pagano - Piano * Rocky Petrocelli - Drums * Phil Rosano - Bass, Choir Vocals * John Snow - Choir Vocals


ITS OVER Take One Look Before I Turn Cause That’s The Last You’ll Ever See My Backside Movin To An Fro Dancin In Front Of The TV Show Told Us What We Had To Do Wise Ruth Said We Should Break Apart Can’t You See That Its All True Cause Programs Never Lie And You’ll Know That ITS OVER Tonight Can’t You See That ITS OVER Alright? Like A Spot Without A Place You Just Smile And Cannot Face When Something Doesn’t Go Your Way Escape To Your Own Plastic Place The Costume Sits Stiff On Your Throne Your Deep Performance Gets You Known Though Its Nice And Clean On The First Floor Upstairs There’s Nobody Home