From the recording MATTER OF TIME

*Johnny Bingo - Vocals, Guitars & Bass *David Masher - Keyboards *Rocky Petrocelli - Drums


MATTER OF TIME We’ve Been Holding Hands So Long , I Read Your Palms In My Dreams Sometimes We Get To Feel So Close, Like Those Stretchable Jeans The Moment Could Be Happening Right Now Or Will You Pull Away? You Change The Subject When I’m Talkin So Sincere A Slick Move When You Pull It Off, But Then I Know Just What You’ll Say….. “Its Just A MATTER OF TIME Til My Love Is Opening Its Just A MATTER OF TIME Soon I’ll Make Up My Mind” We’ve Been Holding Hands So Long Your Pulse Is My Heartbeat
Why Do You Hold That Feeling Back , Cause It Seems Like Eternity Just Relax Its Not Wrong To Be Scared Over Something New