From the recording SOUL SCREAM

*JB- Vocals,Guitars,Bass, Keyboards & Drums*


SOUL SCREAM Check Back, Eying All The Others, Now Is Not The Time To Play Pushed All Aside An Let No One In The Way Stuck To The Plan That Counted Most, With No Self-Inflicted Pain The Rumor Started….”In Your Time, It’s Your Time “ All The Bets Are In Their Places A Sure Thing That’s Your SOUL SCREAMIN Lashing Out The Final Say, How Did You Let It Slip This Far? The Past Was This And Now is That Isn’t Just A Lovers Spat Wager That’s Your SOUL SCREAMIN Loud Breakout Of Their Tired Routine. Your Main Focus Ruled The Day A Miscalculation That The Truth Was Their Main Strength ( It Doesn’t Matter, They Never Really Mattered) So Push Aside The Weary-Eyed As Long As Your Okay The Memo Stated…” In Your Time, It’s Your Time” Fakes And Excuses Are Gone, And Fate Comes To Cash In Its Toll And Its Not Fates Whisper That’s Audible From Your Soul