From the recording SO INSECURE

* JB- Vocals, Guitars, Bass & Percussion * Dan DeFilipps- Drums * Rich Pagano- Organ & Piano *


SO INSECURE ( Can’t Find My Way) Wide Eyed This Morning, Tangled Among The Sheets Checkin Many Thoughts, The Time It Ain’t For Sleep Maybe I’m Amused About Feelin So Confused Should I Just Forget About That and Be On My Way Well Out The Door I Went, Had A Look Around And I Felt So Unsure, SO INSECURE Waited For A Little While For I Need That Morning Fog To Disappear Well There Outside It Felt So Cold And I Felt So Unsure , SO INSECURE Went And Grabbed My Blanket For I Need My Self-Security My Ears Are Shadin My Eyes Cause Things Are Lookin Bad I Don’t Want To See What They Say Whats Really So Sad There’s Nothin To Hide No Pity, Shameful Mistakes Add It Up, Whats The Price Of Today?

Woke Up This Morning , A Nights Sleep Complete Wondered What This Day Would Bring, Could It Bring Me To Self-Security? Oh My, Could It Be?
In The Midst Of All That’s Happened Spins Me Through The Ring North, South, East or West, What Direction Would It Bring? Is Everything Gonna Be Alright Cause Life Is So Unfair Left To Right Front To back Won’t You Guide Me There Can’t Find My Way, I Hope That Day Will Come Can’t Find My Way, Searchin For So Long Can’t Find My Way Im Talkin In My Sleep But I’m Awake I Need Your Help Guide Me Through This Day